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Climate Champion Profiles Winning Stories


Alan Laubsch

Meet Alan Laubsch, the Ex-Wall Street Banker Turning Carbon into Currency
By Truitt Flink, USA

A self-proclaimed “banker for nature.”, but he didn’t start out this way. 

Avani Mohan Singh

Meet Avani Mohan Singh, Water Warrior of India
By Sparsh Sahni, India

A development professional who is working tirelessly towards the eco-restoration of central India, especially within the marginalized and excluded tribal communities.

Dr Dorota Żmudzińska

Meet Dr Dorota Żmudzińska, Polish Plastic Pact Campaigner
By Aleksandra Cabaj and Barbara Przybysz, Poland

Polish Plastics Pact cooperates with an international think-tank Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which aims is to mainstream circular economy globally. Dr Żmudzińska is interested in the circular economy applied in the plastic packaging sector.

Vasuki Iyengar

Meet Mr Vasuki Iyengar: A Passionate Soil Conservationist
By Maitreyi Aravindan, India

Saving soil is every individual’s responsibility, and Mr. Vasuki Iyengar, a voluntary soil conservationist, has taken this responsibility very seriously. Mr. Vasuki is a computer software engineer who turned into a soil conservationist by his sheer passion to save the soil and the climate.